Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes, Chef!

So, I have this thing for Gordon Ramsay. It started when my friend Lara kept talking about Master Chef so I started watching it. Of course I had seen Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen a couple of times but not all that seriously.
Gordon Ramsay - Celebrity Chef
I absolutely LOVE Master Chef. I can't wait to see who wins and don't you just love to hate Christian? I hate that Ben Starr went home. He totally screwed up his venison and knew he was going to go. I love watching the team challenges the most.

Anyway, I've been watching Hell's Kitchen this season, too. I really wish Elise would shut her trap or go home. Tired of seeing her but again, it's a love/hate relationship. She really helped out the red team win this week.

I've also been watching Kitchen Nightmares. It's fun to see what they do with the restaurant decor when they go in to fix them up. I'm ready to go back to design. That was what I wanted to major in, service industry. Hopefully someday!

Gluten-free diet has been a struggle. I hate eating now simply because I don't want to be sick. It's a necessary evil and I'm going to have to dig deep and find things that keep me healthy. I thank God everyday for GF Chex. Silly, I know, but it helps with the desire to eat something sweet. Cinnamon is my favorite.

I'm going to have to start cooking, though. I have questions about recipes and whether if it says use an all-purpose flour if I can substitue a GF all-purpose flour and have the cookies or whatever turn out okay. I found a really awesome chocolate chip cheesecake cookie recipe and I want to make that. Looks pretty easy but I am curious about the flour. There are so many GF flours that it's hard to know how/if I can substitute in a regular recipe.

I'm struggling with acceptance and my family believing me when I say I have Celiac Disease. I have not been formally diagnosed but I have over 20 symptoms of it and they still don't want to believe me. It really bothers me when they think I'm just believing whatever I read online. I know how I feel because I am GF and that most of my symptoms are gone in just a few short weeks. I am getting better every single day and I don't know what else I can do for them to understand and have a little bit of faith in me that I know what I am talking about. They know absolutely nothing about Celiac Disease and it's like they refuse to learn! It's so frustrating!

I don't know what else to do.


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