Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Symptoms

I thought I should post my laundry list of symptoms here for reference.

Easy Bruising - was tested for Diabetes in my early 20s because of this
*Abdominal Pain
*Constipation alternating with diarrhea
*Diarrhea, chronic
*Borborygmi (stomach rumbling) - ever sat next to me and heard this?
*Gall Bladder Disease - Surgery Dec 2007 and Jan 2008
*Asthma - I have a hard time breathing after eating gluten.
Kidney Stones - Jan 2010 The ones I had are gone but they could come back.
Dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual periods)
*Bipolar Disorder
*Easy Frustration and Anger
*Panic Attacks
Slow and Scattered Thinking - much better but still struggling
*Weeping Sores on Scalp - caused from gluten shampoos
*Cystic Acne
*Redness on my face
*Sinus Issues - the first thing that happens when I eat gluten is a runny nose. That's a couple of bites into it. My sinuses are crystal clear now and I'm positive I have stopped snoring.
*Muscle Weakness - Didn't realize I had this until I went off gluten
*Arthritis - I have it in my hands and now the pain is gone
*Nausea - Not so much now, but I had a lot before my gall bladder surgery and more recently, about 5 years ago.
*Fatigue - sleeping 12 hours a day and still feeling exhausted
*Urinary Tract Infection - After eating gluten, I feel that sensation
*Impatience - This is SO me
Lack of Desire to Get Things Done - I have a horrible case of lack of motivation. It's something I've struggled with for a very long time.
*Foggy Head - Didn't realize I had this until I went off gluten

I am not saying Celiac Disease caused ALL of this but I'm sure it played an important part.

* things that have gone away since being GF for almost 6 weeks.

Fact: At least 3 million Americans have Celiac Disease. 97% are undiagnosed. That's more than the population of Nevada.


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