Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The #1 Disease You've Never Heard Of

Celiac Quick Facts

Related diseases associated with Celiac include: Rheumatoid Arthrits, Insulin-dependent Type I Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Disease, Lupus, Liver Diseases, and certain types of cancers

  • Celiac is a genetic disorder manifested by a complete intolerance to ALL foods containing gluten. (wheat, rye, barley)
  • Celiac Disease is the #1 autoimmune disease in the World!
  • It is also the most under diagnosed and misdiagnosed.
  • The average delay in diagnosis is 9 years!

Celiac Disease is the only disease in the world completely controlled by DIET!

  • According to NIH, Celiac Disease affects 1 in 133 people in the U.S.
  • Premier researchers at Colombia University believe the actual number much higher.
  • Studies are underway to determined why numbers are doubling every 15 years
  • Even a few crumbs of gluten-containing food can cause a severe reaction (one crouton)
  • Why is Celiac Disease the “#1 Disease You’ve Never Heard Of?” Generally pharmaceutical companies educate the public about new drugs so consumers will request them from their doctors. Because there is no drug or cure, there is no incentive for the pharmaceutical companies to raise awareness about Celiac.
  • The “cure” is a lifelong commitment to a gluten-free diet.
  • Awareness is key. A simple blood or saliva test can be provide life-saving information
  • Celiac is not a fad diet or a trend, it will not go “out of style”.
  • Estimates are that the GF market will be a 5.5 billion dollar industry by 2015
  • Gluten is hidden in many foods: like soy sauce, modified food starch and even play doh
  • In kids, Celiac Disease is often called: “failure to thrive” due to their little body’s inability to absorb nutrients
  • In Italy every school age child must be tested for Celiac.
  • On a Gluten-Free diet Celiac kids can thrive and lead completely normal lives.
  • A GF diet is easy to maintain: There are 100’s of GF foods on the market (180 new GF in 2009 – in 2010 General Mills alone certified over 300 GF products)
From Not Even A Crumb partnered with the CDF


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